In October I did a vow renewal photoshoot with Ann and Jason, in Key West, FL.  They were celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary. I followed them around town and captured their moments all day. She was so elated with her photos that she wanted to share her story and experience. The two of them had such a great time! Here is her letter along with some of the photos we took that day:

“Jason and I have been living apart for work for over a year. So when our five year anniversary was approaching, we knew we wanted to do something special to mark the date. Frankly, Jason would have been fine with a nice dinner out. But me… I wanted a new dress! Surrounded every day by brides who get the opportunity to try on amazing dresses and say yes to the perfect one… I wanted that experience too, since I purchased my first wedding dress online, site unseen, before plus size wedding dress stores even existed. And of course I couldn’t resist working with Olivia, since I was familiar with her work in Arizona. We couldn’t believe our luck–an amazing photographer who would meet us in Key West!

We actually didn’t plan much beforehand. We got the hotel (couldn’t resist a hotel that had a tree trunk in the bathroom!) and had a general idea of where we wanted to go. Since it was our first time in Key West, we really just wanted Olivia to capture us experiencing the island together. From staying in our first bed and breakfast to the imtimate vow renewal on the beach to checking out Mallory Square at sunset, it was fun to be really well dressed tourists! We really just wanted Olivia to capture the essence of the city, and we were thrilled with the results.

I love how our wedding photos capture our experience of that day–private words on a stunning beach, the deliciousness of a slice of Key Lime pie, checking out the entertainment in Mallory Square, and eating fresh seafood for dinner. My favorite part was late that night: I had collapsed in bed pretty early, exhausted from the day, when my usually-bashful husband said, “That was fun! We should have photos taken more often!” Ha! – Ann C.”

– Olivia

Flowers – Flowers by Gilda
Photographer – Olivia Womack Photography