“Approximately two years ago, Jenna was living and loving the single life downtown and Dan was living the life of a bachelor. One evening Dan received a call from a mutual friend asking for his help moving a couch into her and Jenna’s apartment. Sparks flew- on Dan’s end that is. Jenna had a short-term boyfriend at the time, but that was not God’s plan. About a month later, Dan found out Jenna was newly single. He wasted no time in contacting her to set up an evening for them to go out. Hours into that night out, Dan made it a point to kiss Jenna to make sure he wouldn’t be put in the “friend zone.” Jenna fell for him instantly. Two years, two dogs, and two chickens later they are delighted to have your presence at their wedding.
Some additional detail notes:
Jenna’s family and friends from Oregon were able to attend and enjoy the event that encompassed the “country feel” of Arizona and the “rustic ambiance” of Oregon. The two together created a natural and beautiful setting. We included the Arizona feel by having our wedding in a natural Arizona wedding atmosphere by being in a corral surrounded by cacti. In order to incorporate Oregon we used rustic browns as displayed in the branch center pieces and romantic overhead lighting. The numerous candles enabled us to create a romantic ambiance with low cost. As an alternative to having traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen, we chose to include only our siblings and asked them to wear jewel tones but allowed them to choose their attire. As opposed to the “Reveal Moment,” (as I approached the aisle), I instead chose to be present during the pre-ceremony cocktail hour so that I could enjoy that time with our guests. Although, this may seem “taboo” I do not regret it because it allowed me to welcome more guests before the reception and I got just as many compliments! -Miss D.”

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